🌸furry + brony
We use emoticons with w or 3 mouths completely unironically! (Like :3) We adore the “old web”. We are reclaimed “cringe” and free :3c
We use “we” for ourselves, but also alternate between “I” and “we” freely.
Here are some stamps to express us for funsies 🧃

These are some of our recurring special interests 🌈💌

We also have special interests of -🌻Furry fandom. fursuits, furry art, fursonas and character design, etc
🌻Childhood nostalgia and kidcore
🌻Older animated content, especially anime from the 1980s-2000s and 2d Disney movies.
🌻2000s and early 2010s internet culture
🌻Disney history, including animation, the theme parks, etc
🌻Development of movies, shows and video games (such as concept art and writing, animation tests, developmental and prerelease info, unused content, etc)
🌻Zoology + marine biology
🌻Video game glitches and speedruns

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We love our sweetheart, our darling, the love of our life!! 💙💖💙💗 Luma is our everything, and make us so happy everyday ❤️💙🌹 We could spend hours upon hours talking with and laughing with him, holding him close, we feel our most safe in the whole wide world by her side 💝 Te amo mucho mi amor 💕💘